FEBRUARY 11-12 2022
THE ARCHERY, San Francisco

Entropic Breath is an audiovisual exhibition & performance that explores how machines and bodies can engage in acts of mutualistic creation.

Technology is enabling us to perform casual acts of magic. We can convert everyday objects into digital simulacra. We can superimpose digital objects over reality. We can give permanence to digital objects by placing them in decentralized and immutable ledgers. However, the dominant narrative surrounding these developments is pulling us deeper into the world of abstractions, away from our animal bodies. By combining these technologies with poetry, we can envision alternative futures where computers amplify our connection with our physical selves.

This exhibition was presented in three parts. First, as an installation of NFTs that explore how digital objects can represent human physicality. This was followed by a live spoken word set by ALLSMILES and Akshay Sawhney. Finally, guests got to witness the premiere of the Entropic Breath video.

We invite you to explore how machines and bodies can shape one another, instead of becoming buried under layers of endless abstractions.