48 unique hi-res looping videos
48 unique soundtracks


Audio-visual NFT Collection

A whole new layer of reality is settling over the material world. Technology is enabling us to perform casual acts of magic. We can convert real objects into digital simulacra. We can place digital objects over reality. Moreover, we can give permanence to digital objects by placing them in decentralized and immutable ledgers. Entropic Breath is an exploration of how we can inflect technology with poetry to envision alternative futures where computers amplify our connection with the ecosystems that sustain us.

This introductory NFT collection consists of 48 unique time slices culled from a performance by the digitized consciousness of an elusive poet, named ALLSMILES. Each NFT, designed by 10th Floor, uses depth sensors to capture the poet at various stages of catharsis, and explores the ways in which computers encode human emotion as expressed by the body. The NFTs are further augmented by unique soundscapes synthesized by ALLSMILES, which are designed to fragment the viewer's sense of reality.