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by @allsmilespoetry

We're all part of this eternal play. We have emerged from the vast unchanging principle that lies at the root of the universe. We are on a journey to merge...

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A preview of our upcoming collaboration with @allsmilespoetry which we’re looking forward to share next week.

Are there fungi on the blockchain?


Audio-visual NFT Collection

A whole new layer of reality is settling over the material world. Technology is enabling us to perform casual acts of magic. We can convert real objects into digital simulacra. We can place digital objects over reality. Moreover, we can give permanence to digital objects by placing them in decentralized and immutable ledgers. If we don't direct these inventions towards facilitating the flourishing of organic life, we run the risk of building a future where we're ever more disconnected from our bodies and the earth. Entropic Breath is an exploration of how we can inflect technology with poetry to envision alternative futures where computers amplify our connection with the ecosystems that sustain us.