FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24th 2023, 5 — 8pm

428 Waller Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Our built environments are in stark contrast with the world from which we’ve emerged. Our spaces are becoming more and more sterile, despite the myriad utopian visions in our collective imagination depicting futures where other species of animals, plants, and fungi are thriving within human-built environments.

MUTUALISM is a collection of work that challenges the underlying philosophy of our built environments, which alienate us from other species. We put forth a vision where the brutalist, industrial logic of aluminum is harmonized with the warm chaos of mycelium. The collection provides visions of futures where humanity finds greater integration with the plants, animals and fungi with whom our fates are intertwined.

In conjunction with the exhibition, join us for a live performance exploring the show concepts on Friday, March 17th from 7 — 8pm. RSVP to follow.

MUTUALISM, will be on view from February 24th through March 24th 2023, with open hours Wednesday through Saturday 12 – 5p and by appointment.

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