Our built environments are in stark contrast with the natural world from which we've emerged. In our collective imagination, the spaces of the future are feeling even more sterilized, signaling a greater departure from the perfect imperfections that constitute the entangled life of the forest.

Mutualism is a multimedia exploration that challenges this paradigm. By putting forth a vision where the cold, hard logic of aluminum is harmonized with the controlled chaos of mycelium, the piece provides an alternative vision of the future where humanity finds greater integration with nature.

The initial proposition was raised in the form of a sculpture. The themes were further extended through the mediums of poetry, sound and video, where techniques like photogrammetry and digital synthesis were contrasted with language and vocalization.

Mutualism initiates a rethinking of the human trajectory, carving out a greater place for other species in our dreams for the future.

interactive 3D object



Aluminum Extrusions, Reishi Mushroom Mycelium & fruiting bodies on Maple substrate.


Poetry inspired by the sculpture, written and performed by ALLSMILES


Merging 3D photogrammetry of the sculpture with poetry, bridging the physical and digital realms.

mycelium in the growth phase

appearance of reishi fruiting bodies