Biofabrication workshop

June 2023

Grow fungi into an object for your home. Here at 10th Floor Studio, we firmly believe that fungi can help us transition away from synthetic petroleum products and towards futures where humans coexist as a part of the natural world. We’ve been working with fungi for the last 5 years and are excited to offer a workshop to introduce you to these incredible organisms! Fungi exist in many forms, in this session we’ll be using the oft-unseen underground body of the fungi, called mycelium, to grow a bud vase for your home. This 2.5-hour workshop will begin with a brief intro to growing objects out of fungi and our work at 10th Floor Studio. You’ll learn the basics about choosing a suitable species of fungi, how to avoid contamination, and how to create an object using a mold form. We’ll walk you through designing and assembling your customized bud vase mold. Then it’s time to break up the mycelium, pack it in the mold, and let it grow!



Using pre-cut wood panels, we’ll assemble the box-shaped molds by taping the panels together.




Place the mold in a clean area (like a corner of your kitchen counter), away from pets and potential contaminants.

Wait 4-7 days for the mycelium to grow.

When the sawdust in your mold has turned all white, you’re ready to release the form from the mold.

Remove the tape from the sides of the mold, then carefully remove the side panels. 

The sides of the mycelium form that were in contact with the mold need some time to grow out and get white.

If you want to do some subtractive sculpting, now is the time. With a clean tool or clean hands, simply carve away at the material, keeping in mind to not pull away from the bottom where the base will attach.

Place the mycelium form in a clean, flat-bottomed container. Alternatively, you can place your object on a baking sheet or flat non-organic surface, and cover it with a plastic bag or large bowl/container. If you’re using a lid, make sure it is not closed tightly, as the mycelium needs to be able to breathe a little.

Mycelium prefers darker environments, but some light is ok.

Keep the form covered for 2-3 days, until it is covered in fuzzy white mycelium.


Once your form is completely white, it’s time to dry it out.

Place the form in a dry place, in front of a fan or space heater for about a week or until it feels like there is no moisture left in the mycelium. Alternatively, you can place the form in the oven on a baking sheet at a very low temperature for a few hours (~180°F).

Now it’s time to add the final touches. Assemble the base around the mycelium form. Level your form within the base, then tighten the screws using a 2mm (or 5/64) allen key.

You’re ready to use your mycelium bud vase!

If you have any questions, or if you want to send us some feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at or on instagram