10th Floor Studio is a conceptual art and design studio facilitated by Jerome Tavé and Kyle Lawson.

We focus on creating projects that tell stories, explore new ideas, and promote conversations. We see our projects as a way to speculate about futures we want to see and build together.

We’re constantly experimenting with new tools and methods for creative expression. We specialize in facilitating intersections between new ideas and new production techniques, to create things that introduce people to alternate realities.

We are open to discussing any type of project or collaboration opportunity. Get in touch with us!

See you on the 10th Floor. ✌

Integral contributors to the studio also include:
Vince Losanes
Amélie Losanes
Chiara Martini
Grishma Rao
Pocket Pictures

We are part of a community of artists (The Archery) with whom we share a large space in the Mission district of San Francisco.

We’re also grateful to be supported by our global creative community with hotspots in Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Stockholm.

Let’s do something together  :)